Q&A z Nikita 02.02....

Q&A z Nikita 02.02.2019  

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  • Will bullet velocity depend on actual rounds and not the weapon in the future?

Right now bullet velocity is an ammo parameter (you can see it in ammo chart). Weapon barrel can have an influence on it though.

  • When will subsonic ammo work?

In the next patches.

  • Will weapon barrel heat vision distortion be implemented?


  • Will helmets ever revert back to realistic protection?

I don't think so. A full realistic approach in helmets will make them unuseful because they all will be the same level 1-2 protection. Nevertheless, helmet parameters are subject to change.

  • Are armor zones still planed? If yes, will they have realistic protection or will they be tweaked like helmets?

Armor zones are still planned. We want to make body armor realistic.

  • More realistic movement inertia is planed?

We had inertia before - looked like additional lags or something.

  • The Bullet drop seems excessive for some rounds, will this be changed to realistic values?


  • Will rigs like BlackRock and Avs be changed so they can store a realistic amount of magazines?


  • Gun silencer durability? Will there be a difference between "wipe" and "chambers" silencer (durability vs performance)?

Yes, exactly everything you said.

  • Is personal sight zeroing still planed? As in: we will zero sights in our hideouts.

We would need to think about this one. 

  • Do SCAVs use hitscan or projectile mechanics or a combination of the two?

No hitscan. They shoot the same way as players do.

  • In the future, will labs be accessed from another map?

We will think about it. In the nearest future Labs access will be limited.

  • Is open world scraped or is there still a chance to see it in the distant future?

It's still on the track.

  • When will vodka be in the game and will it help with radiation poisoning?

Vodka will be in the game pretty soon. We just need to add drunk effect first. 

  • For the karma system to work we need a way to ID people. Will walkie-talkies, GPS devices, and maps help with that?

I didn't get how all the stuff you described are related to the karma system. And how they could help to ID people in general.

  • How long will heal time of dead PMC (0 HP) to full HP be when hideouts come?

That is subject to testings. I don't think that it will be a long time. In a long time, I mean hours. 

  • How many PMC characters will we have when hideout comes?

Hmm...didn't get the question. Do you mean how many PMC character slots will be per account? When the hideout will be released it's still going to be one character per account.

  • What will DLC´s include?

New locations, new quests, new mechanics, new traders, events and so on.

  • Do you know how many shooter games are ruined for me because of Tarkov?

Oh, stop it!  :)

  • Addendum: As in, we will use GPS/map to radio our position over walkie-talkies to other players of our faction. Not directly tied to karma, but a system to make karma more viable.

Well, I guess so  :)

  • Addendum: At one point there was a rumor about 3 characters per account (obviously not true now that you answered). Will SCAV runs be our only "option" while we wait for our one PMC to heal?

Yes, its planned to have 3 characters on the account but it will be the whole profile in a profile thing. You will not be able to use them as switchable characters with a single stash. But, who knows. We will see!

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Coś wiadomo kiedy wipe? Od następnego wipe'a zamierzam wrócić do EFT 😉

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narazie cisza, ja wracam bankowo, juz teraz sobie pykam  😆

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