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Ring of Elysium - Early Access Patch Notes 27.04.2019  

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Training Mode
  • Throughout the last couple of months, we have been receiving lots of messages from players, voicing their desire a training mode (a mode against AIs), with different intentions and purposes. Some players expressed their desire to practice their weapon skills, some want to get familiar with the game's mechanics, and some simply just wanted to play against AIs in peace, without the interference from anyone else
  • Therefore, after putting in careful consideration for your needs, we have decided to make training mode available for everyone. After entering the training mode, you will start a game round filled with 59 AIs
  • Please note: We have opened the training mode for both TPP and FPP, but the training mode can only be played Solo
  • Optimized the behavior patterns of training mode AI, making them act a little "smarter"


Gameplay - Pirate Carnival and DPV
  • The underwater treasure chests will no longer spawn at a position that will immediately to be covered by volcanic ash, thus increasing the "effective treasure hunting time" for everyone
  • Added acceleration function for the DPV: Hold the left Shift key to consume energy and boost the DPV speed for a period of time. The energy recovers over time. Don't forget to take advantage of this new DPV feature and turn the fight around when you're being chased by enemies behind you!
  • Getting knocked down in the water will no longer cause the player to be directly eliminated, characters will normally enter the state of being knocked down, and can be resurrected by teammates
  • Characters will now automatically take out their weapons when walking on to surface after riding the DPV underwater
  • Optimized the weapon firing sounds of the DPV, making it more recognizable
  • Slightly lowered the DPV weapon's firing accuracy
  • Optimized the animation of the pirate ship's sail


New weapons
  • Added an SMG- the P90, found in airdrops and treasure chests, the P90 has a 50 round magazine size, low recoil, and fast bullet velocity. It also uses dedicated 5.7mm ammunition
  • Added an SMG- the Scorpion Evo 3, a world-spawn weapon that has excellent overall performance compared to other SMGs. It is currently the weapon with the fastest rate of fire and the ultimate choice for close range engagements

  • Removed the "weight" display on mouse prompts for weapons, bulletproof vests, and helmets (because the "weight" prompt is invalid)
  • Optimized the icon for gold coins, pearls, and diamonds


  • The cute pirate-themed accessories have hit the Store! Captain O (Octopus) and Captain M (Monkey)!
  • The regular price for the 2 accessories are 800 E-points each, but the bundle [Captain's Companions] (which contains both accessories) provides a 10% discount, which is only 1400 E-points! This bundle is only available for 7 days, so don't miss your chance to buy it before it’s gone!

Adventurer characters
  • Enabled Captain Fokke’s Ambassador, Ambassador - Style A, and Ambassador - Style B character styles

Event: Daily Check-in
  • Daily check-in continues with brand-new rewards from April 27 to May 3 (Pacific Time), don’t forget to claim your brand-new Glider appearance for FREE after checking-in for 7 days!


Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where character’s HP didn’t go down after the oxygen level completely depletes when the character is in a vehicle underwater
  • Fixed an issue where characters occasionally automatically holster their weapons after switching character states such as getting resurrected, getting off of BMX, or using consumables
  • Fixed an issue where the daily maximum limit for Gold coins, pearls, and diamonds was incorrect in some rare cases
  • Fixed an issue where players cannot complete “use the Glider/BMX/grappling hook while playing with a battle buddy” missions
  • Fixed an issue where water is rendered too slow for certain PC specs
  • Fixed an issue where the DPV sound effects for third-party players was incorrect in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where the “M4A1-Infinite” skin icon had fuzzy writings
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor prompt’s position was shown incorrectly for the daily Exp. Limit in lobby
  • Fixed an issue where airdrops and elimination boxes didn’t float up and down on the water with tidal waves
  • Fixed an issue where the crosshair’s gap didn’t change with the firing accuracy for the DPV weapon
  • Fixed an issue where the pirate ship’s mast flashed continuously