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gs.accountsList supported accounts
gs.addAdd an account to your profile
gs.deleteDelete specified account, if you have mult…
gs.gamesList supported games
gs.listPrivately lists all your registered accoun…
gs.primarySet specific account as the primary if you…
gs.profileCreate your profile or list registered acc…
gs.profile add 
gs.resetDelete your profile
gs.showShow your accounts / specified account


gs.csgoShows your stats from CS:GO
gs.csgo matchSee CS:GO match statistics
gs.csgo matchesSee users CS:GO matches
gs.csgo updateForce a profile update for CS:GO
gs.dota2Shows your stats from DOTA2
gs.dota2 matchesShows your last matches from DOTA2
gs.rustShows your stats from Rust
gs.steamShows your Steam profil
gs.tf2Shows your stats from Team Fortress 2


gs.hotsShow your Overwatch profile
gs.overwatchShow your Overwatch profile
gs.overwatchcontendersShow the current live OWC match or when th…
gs.overwatchcontenders lastmatchGet stats of the last OWC match played
gs.overwatchcontenders matchDetails of given OWC match
gs.overwatchcontenders nextmatchWhen the next OWC match is
gs.overwatchcontenders standingsOWC team standings
gs.overwatchleagueShow the current live OWL match or when th…
gs.overwatchleague lastmatchGet stats of the last OWL match played
gs.overwatchleague matchDetails of given OWL match
gs.overwatchleague nextmatchWhen the next OWL match is
gs.overwatchleague standingsOWL team standings
gs.wowShow your WoW character profile avatarShow your WoW character avatar listShow your WoW character profile


gs.pubgGet PUBG stats
gs.pubg lifetimeGet PUBG lifetime stats


gs.siegeShows your stats from RainbowSix: Siege
gs.siege operators 
gs.siege seasons 
gs.uplayGet your Uplay stats
gs.wildlandsGet your Wildlands stats


gs.fortniteGet Fortnite Battle Royale player stats
gs.paragonGet Paragon player stats
gs.paragon cardGet Paragon card
gs.paragon eloGet Paragon ELO
gs.paragon heroGet Paragon hero
gs.paragon matchesGet Paragon matches


gs.destinyGet Destiny player stats
gs.destiny2Get Destiny 2 player stats
gs.destiny2 characterDisplay Destiny 2 Character stats
gs.destiny2 clanDisplay Destiny 2 Clan details
gs.destiny2 crucibleGet Destiny 2 Crucible stats
gs.destiny2 crucible lastGet Destiny 2 last Crucible match details
gs.destiny2 equipmentDisplay Destiny 2 Equipment stats
gs.destiny2 raidGet Destiny 2 raid stats
gs.destiny2 raid lastGet Destiny 2 last raid details